Fixing a website – just like fixing a light-bulb?

No, it isn’t.

But it provides us with an amusing analogy. What happens if there are other problems to be discovered?

The amusing video below has been bouncing around on the internet via various sources. All programmers will fully relate to this poor guy’s journey deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole filled with problems. Ultimately he discovers a very time-consuming and expensive engine-malfunction in his car.

Fixing problems in code, including websites, can be very much like this.

On discovering each new problem he needs to decide whether to fix the new problem, or ignore it. The type of person who becomes a good computer programmer is typically hard-wired with a ‘go deeper’ mindset – to get to the bottom of every problem. He could have ignored the wobbly shelf – but then he would never have discovered the huge problem with the car engine (until another day).

When we fix websites we can operate either way. The ‘go deeper’ method cannot have a fixed price set at the outset and would simply be on a time spent basis. Or if you just want the light-bulb fixing; then we can do that – and inform you of the problem with the shelf. But please don’t expect us to discover or fix the car-engine problem for the price of a new light-bulb!

Video Credit : unknown – please let me know if you know the original source.

animated gif man changing a lightbulb


Published on: 5th October 2013
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