Free and budget WordPress Templates

There are vast numbers of free and low-cost WordPress templates.

Will an off-the-shelf template be right for me?

Because we work with great designers we love to build completely custom website designs and layouts for our customers. These templates are what keep your site, and the content that you add yourself, in a consistent style. It is possible to find free (or buy low-cost) templates for WordPress. And there are literally thousands of them.

Will an off-the-shelf template be right for me?

This depends on your budget, and your desire for individuality. For some; the website is just a framework and, so long as it doesn’t look dreadful and functions adequately, having a similar looking site to a competitor is fine. For others with strong brands which they want to continue throughout the site: only a custom build will suffice. I’m surprised how many designers go for a stock-template to use for their portfolio, maybe they are unaware of the possibilities of WordPress to unleash their creative juices !

All templates are not the same.

Some ‘off-the-shelf’ templates have very few configurable options, some have loads of options. But if you want to do more than choose how many posts appear per page, which font and font-colour is used: you are going to need a programmer. All off-the-shelf templates have the limitation that you may end up wanting to do something which the template simply won’t do ‘out of the box’.  Some templates lend themselves to enhancements – these are programmer-friendly and have special code which is easy to adjust. Genesis is a very popular system, and I would consider it a ‘programmer-friendly’ system. We have done some very complex sites built on top of the Genesis framework. Check out our testimonials and case-studies.

Because we are primarily programmers here at Digital Acorn we can customise any template to your liking – whereas an artist would simply be stuck fiddling with the options within the administration section.

Using an off-the-shelf template will save me money.

It will certainly save on the design and layout of the site, if you are happy to stick with the layout(s) provided by the template. However, sometimes starting from a stock template makes building your site more expensive than starting from scratch, especially if you would like to make certain changes. Speak to us before you buy a template, we’ll ensure you do the right thing for your needs.

Plugins and Templates

Plugins typically add functionality to the visual layout provided by a template. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Arbitrarily dropping plugins onto a site for ‘twitter-feeds’, ‘related posts’ and other features can lead to the site malfunctioning, looking inconsistent and sometimes downright ugly! We can write plugins or fix the styling within plugins to work with your theme, whether it is off-the-shelf or not.


We can customise, or write from scratch, both templates and plugins to ensure you site looks and functions exactly how you want.