Website Repair

A slow, ugly or malfunctioning website can do more harm than no website at all.

Even a broken-link can send a potential customer straight back to the search engine to look for a competitor. A site which looks the business on the surface may have inefficiencies, errors or problems which only search engines pick up on. These hidden penalties could be why your site is nowhere to be found on Google.

Many amateur sites, especially ones which use a database are written in an inefficient manner. Should the popularity of a site increase, or as more content is added, these inefficiencies manifest themselves in the form of slow page-loads – turning off potential customers who expect a page to load quickly.

There is nothing more embarrassing and potentially damaging to an online presence than a hacked website which may be flagged for hosting malicious files or redirect a customer to an inappropriate unrelated website. Most of the time breaches like this are the result of lack of security on the PCs connecting to the site, or insufficiently strong passwords. A smaller percentage of the time there may be vulnerable code on the website itself which allows an unscrupulous visitor access to the website. Once your site is clean we can offer advice on security, investigate where breaches may have occurred and fix the vulnerabilities.

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