SEO, Content and Social

These increasingly intertwined elements of ‘website’ marketing are often the most misunderstood.

a white hat

SEO is simply the business of ensuring that your website ranks well on search engines for the phrases which your potential customers are searching for. Quality content has always been key to the success of a website. Nothing has changed, nor is any of this rocket science. Frequent social media interaction can provide both quality visitors to your site as well as alerting and enticing search-engines to rank your site.

There are guideline percentages for the “keyword density” in your articles, and all sorts of other speculation and hearsay on the internet about what will help rank a website well. There are also technical things we can do in the background to help ensure search-engines can fully explore your website and understand what it is about. It always boils down to the quantity of knowledgeable content on your site which is referenced (linked-to) by other authoritative (quality) websites.

There are off-the-shelf plugins which ‘help’ with SEO and guide you with varying complexity and quality. Our WordPress sites come with the basic capability to specify title, keywords and description ¬†for each page and article. We also implement site-maps, give you training on using these tools.

The best person who knows about your website/business is yourself, so often content is best off coming from yourself. However, you should consider getting an experienced copywriter to edit your content.

We can offer advice and ongoing support on these aspects of website marketing, either directly or through one of the partners we work with.