Peter Davies

Peter heads up the team but still likes to get his hands dirty across a range of technologies.

Peter is qualified to Ph.D. level in Atomic Physics, has over 20 years industry experience in programming and project management. In addition to website coding he is a specialist in all technologies on each of the PlayStation® family of consoles. His unique experience and skill-set gives Peter the ability to address your software/web development problems quickly.

Over the years Peter has occupied the positions of software developer and architect, team leader, project manager, and consultant. Has been involved in computer game development, tools, software applications, websites, databases. Console platforms including PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, PC, and older platforms. Worked with the following languages and systems: Redis, Couchbase, MongoDB, C++, PHP, Python, C#, Fortran (yes I am that old), HTML, CSS, Javascript, various assembler, MySQL, VB, ASP etc.

He proudly and realistically describes himself as a software generalist.

For every 7 hours coding in PHP I could spend 3 coding in Python and 4 sitting in the sun.
Scott Garson - about Peter
Loving the website Peter, we've had some really positive feedback and are finding WordPress really easy to use as well.