We’ve always been ‘White Hat’

Has your Google ranking just taken a tumble? If you have ever enlisted an SEO practitioner who may have been less than ethical then this may be why.

a white hat

Google has rolled out an update to its search algorithms which detects and seriously downgrades the rankings of link and content farms. This is great news for information seekers on the internet. Prior to this update many pages containing only minimal content harvested from other sites often ranked higher than the site from which the content was stolen. Likewise link-farms are likely to take a tumble.

Our stance on SEO has always been that it requires both knowledge and effort, and there are certainly no sustainable ‘magic bullet’ short-cuts. We can help configure your site so that it is technically ready to be seen in the best light by Google and other search-engines. We can provide advice on the quality of your content to ensure that it is Search Engine Optimised, and offer advice on link-building and assist with social media participation, which is becoming increasingly important.

Some of our results (and credit to the site-owners too)

  • Search Term “Lake Garda Apartments”: Google rank: “Page 1”
  • Search Term “Website Repair“: Google rank: “Number 1, page 1”
  • Search Term “Poker Tools”. Google rank: “Page 2”. (Extremely good for such a competitive term)
  • And of course our site is up there with ‘website design Hexham’ and other related terms.

And as for the ‘bad-boys’… I have little sympathy.

Published on: 14th April 2011
Categorised in: news

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