Magento and WordPress

‘Embedded’ was probably too strong a term for the merging of a blogger blog into the Pro Hair Biosystems magento store site. Aligning the styling is probably a better way of describing it. The export/import process was pretty easy and fixing up the categories/tags switch up just required a simple plugin. It’s probably better for SEO that the blog and store site sit in separate url silo’s. There are currently no links from the rest of the store to the blog, all the links go the other way – I may well ‘nofollow’ some of these. Will that help SEO… discuss? Already though it has picked up some inbound links and comments. Here is an inbound link to the new blog site published for the first time… of course it is for the hair loss shampoo project I’ve been working on. The blogger blog is still active on, I’ll keep this active for a month or so, then 301 it. Other things I still need to do:

  • Use the wordpress search as the main search box. The default magento search is woeful.
  • Add a single link-back from the main site area into the blog silo
  • Continue to tweak the styling a little.
  • Maybe use wordpress for the contact form – with captcha
  • Train Paul how to use wordpress ;)
Published on: 11th July 2010
Categorised in: news
Tagged with: blog, magento, SEO, wordpress

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