Is your website mobile friendly?

Google are now down ranking non mobile-friendly websites.

This week (21st April 2015) Google have changed the way it orders search results on mobile devices to give preference to what it thinks are mobile-friendly websites.

The change to Google’s algorithm means websites that haven’t been optimised for mobile devices could find themselves dropping down the mobile search rankings.

What is a ‘responsive’ website?

Responsive, simply put, means the website responds to whatever device it is being displayed on. It will look good on a full desktop monitor and equally so on any other size screen down to a mobile phone. As the screen gets smaller there’s a few other issues that need addressing, like the size of links (so even the wider fingered user can press them) and the overall load time which is especially important over mobile connections.

This website is fully responsive (as you’ve probably guessed if you’re using a mobile device). You can test your own website here.

We build responsive sites from scratch or we can make your existing website responsive.

Get in touch for a quote.

Published on: 26th April 2015
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