How we work

Because we are a specialist build company, and work with the best independent designers; you get the best of both worlds.

Guaranteed skilled professionals on your project.

We love working with like-minded businesses and professionals.

There are some great words and phrases used on the Cartmells website shown above (which we built). These also sum up our company ethos.

  • Here to help
  • Do it properly
  • Experienced
  • We’ll call you
  • Affordable
  • Trust

So how do we work?

Digital Acorn isn’t a website design company. We are a website ‘build’ company.  We work with various independent local designers collaboratively in order to build you a great website.

Often website builds are design-led, rather than functionality-led. Usually you are more interested in the look of the website than the engine under the hood, or some technical feature. In which case we’ll introduce you to one of our design partners. You’ll then deal directly with ourselves and the designer.

We have a meeting room in central Hexham, or we can phone, or meet at a convenient location within the North-East to discuss your project. After the initial meeting we will put forward our proposal with quotation.

Your website will be built offline and demonstrated to you on a private staging server for approval prior to going live. If you already have a website – the changeover will be seamless (no more “new website coming soon” holding pages).

We can give onsite training or via screen-share worldwide.

We are registered as an NBSL service provider. There may be funds available from them to help you with your project.

I want a website – why should I come to you?

Because we are specialist build company, and work with the best independent designers; you get the best of both worlds. Guaranteed skilled professionals on your project.

We are not a large agency still charging top-notch hourly rates to cover overheads and fancy reception chairs. And we don’t have intermediary account-managers with their “I’ll have to check with X and get back to you” responses. You will be dealing directly with the experts working on your project.

If you were to just work with a designer alone you could find yourself with a static website, or a common off-the-shelf template with a pretty logo bunged at the top. And if you ever needed something more complicated changing or adding; it wouldn’t be possible. Coding and design are two very separate skills (and very VERY few people are great at both).

You want brilliant coding and technical support, as well as a brilliant designer. Still not convinced? Check out some of our testimonials.

I’m a designer – can I work with you?

Absolutely. If you’ve got a site to build, we can do that. Ideally we need to be involved at an early stage to get a handle on what is needed. Programmers can give creative input too you know! And if you are a great designer – of course we’ll pass appropriate work back to you too!