General Election 2017 and Social Bubbles

It’s very hard to break out of your social bubble online. This is our attempt at Digital Acorn.

Digital Acorn is a company that pays Corporation Tax and believes that is is fair that companies pay MORE Corporation tax to help fund the NHS and those in need.

Whichever way you voted in the referendum; the Tories are totally mismanaging BREXIT. May was for Remain. Johnson lied about £350M then shirked away from running for PM after Cameron fled.

With UKIP decreasing in relevance; the hard right are infiltrating and influencing the Tories with their RACISM and FASCISM.

ALWAYS voted for the conservatives? Open your mind to alternatives. If all you hear are put-downs of the opponents – think for a moment why that is? Find out the facts from a variety of sources (not just the BBC and especially not the Tabloid press)

Not voted before? People like you can change EVERYTHING. Even in so-called strong-seats. Previous non-voters outnumber most majorities.

neither STRONG nor STABLE

Whether it’s red, yellow or green; vote for ANYONE BUT THE TORIES