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Free is a Lie.

There are the beginnings of a revolution against the the big players

Great. I’m in. Bring on the revolution.

For me; this has been a long time coming.

Facebook has always been a hard-sell for B2B businesses like ours. And we’ve known for a while that they filter-out postings, increasingly wanting business owners to pay for their exposure on Facebook. I can sympathise with B2C businesses spending money on Facebook advertising, because more people are potential customers. But for B2C, and for us, the time or money spent is simply not worth it. LinkedIn, not without its own problems, is a much better place for B2B businesses I find.

Digital Acorn has a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/digitalacorn.co.uk) and, because a few people find us through it, I plan to keep it. But I won’t be maintaining or monitoring it. I plan to publish a final post indicating this and directing all users to our website.  I’m not going to be maintaining the page because I’m personally not going to be visiting Facebook any more.

Many of you may have heard the furore over the unauthorised psychological experiments which Facebook has carried out on its users.. This is a final nail in the coffin for me and Facebook. But for a small need for the business page I would close my personal account. Instead I am going to walk away from it, and do the bare-minimum to keep the Digital Acorn page alive as a signpost to our own web-presence. This keeps options open for the business in the future, should things drastically change. It’s a shame because there are some good communities on Facebook and there are so many people that use it. But I think the time has come for communities to manage there own mini-networks maybe connected through an open infrastructure. One which is free from (behind closed doors) corporate and governmental surveillance and manipulation.

There are the beginnings of a revolution against the the big players – Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, other Silicon-Valley would-be’s with similar business models: ‘Free’ (for your personal data). Costs are falling and people should see that paying a few pounds for a service is better than selling our souls for free.

Want to find out more? Watch “Free is a Lie”. The most watched and favourited talk from the Thinking Digital Conference 2014 in Gateshead. Here Aral Balkin is promoting his ‘indiephone‘ project to provide an alternative to the Anroid/IOS dominated phone market where Google and Apple harvest our personal data from the devices we carry all day every day.

Great. I’m in. Bring on the revolution.

Published on: 30th June 2014
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