Is your website mobile friendly?

Google are now down ranking non mobile-friendly websites. This week (21st April 2015) Google have changed the way it orders… read more

Fixing a website – just like fixing a light-bulb?

Fixing problems in code, including websites, can be very much like this amusing video of a guy trying to simply change a light-bulb

Example re-captcha

Captcha forms are ugly. Do you even need them?

Captchas have the side effect of detecting if a human can be bothered to fill them out. Should you bother, what are your options?

Blogger Customisation

Google’s Blogger platform is a great starting point to get into blogging It’s easy to see with the following list of positives that it is a popular choice.

Keep Control of your website

I get this a lot. Client: “My site is always down because I’m using to host my site, and… read more