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SEO Seminar at RMT by Silverbean

I attended the SEO seminar by Silverbean this afternoon… It was at the RMT (the accountants) offices. It was pretty good, and did go into some… read more

gmail login page

GMail offers per-address rich-text signatures

This has been long awaited and is is a much appreciated addition to the gmail service. If you use GMail… read more

Magento and WordPress

The export/import process was pretty easy and fixing up the categories/tags switch up just required a simple plugin. It’s probably better for SEO that the blog and store site sit in separate url silo’s.

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WordPress loopy

I’ve gone completely WordPress (3.0) loopy. I am currently also working on embedding a WordPress blog into a Magento e-commerce… read more

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Posting options to WordPress

I’m looking into various options for posting to my WordPress blog. Over the next week or so I’m going to… read more