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Our new Help and Tips section does exactly what it says on the tin!

Go Secure – HTTPS more important than ever

If you collect customers data on your website it is important to transmit this data over SSL (encrypted). This includes… read more

Size matters

We frequently have discussions about the value of adding extra CSS files and JavaScript to a website build. And dropping in an innocent looking plugins into your WordPress site can lots of CSS and JS files

Content Editing for WordPress

A few pointers to follow when editing your site. In order to maintain our excellent work. NEVER EVER paste text from MS Word!

Using the WordPress Media Replace Plugin

If you use the media upload system in WordPress to upload documents there may come a time when you want to update the document. This plugin is useful.

Google Webmaster Tools

Setting up Google Webmaster Tools is very easy, and it will open up a mine of information for you about your website.

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