Coding makes us tick – and we do our best to keep it tucked away – under a beautifully designed easy to use interface.

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Custom Posts in Taxonomy Archives

By default the archive loop for custom taxonomies in WordPress only queries pages and posts. Hooks and sample code to get your custom posts listed in taxonomy listings.


I’ve spent a little time looking at html5 recently. It has some excellent features. Everyone seems to start with the… read more

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Why Widescreen?

What I really like about it is the 4:3 aspect ratio screen with 1400×1050 resolution. As a coder I like a decent vertical resolution.

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Android Development

The documentation is pretty good and the samples excellent. Of course it is a shame about the Java. I see… read more

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Ooops I broke my WordPress RSS feed

I had edited the functions.php file to add a ‘read-more’ link to the end of post snippets instead of the… read more

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