Websites are like cars – it’s going to depreciate

The equivalent of flying cars may be just around the corner. Keep your site topped-up with the latest tech – or prepare to see it turn to rust!

You got yourself a shiny new website 4 years ago (maybe more recently). It’s starting to look a bit dated.┬áNot only the appearance of the site… But also the functionality may now be lacking. For example: A 1970’s Ford Cortina will not have a stop-start fuel-saving system.

Unlike cars, the market for second hand websites is extremely limited. You really can’t trade them in. You have two options though; buy a new one from scratch, or go for an overhaul. Websites don’t physically deteriorate so the best bits; images, textual content can be saved, and it maybe that you have some great timeless branding which you want to retain. Just the framework (chassis) of the site needs the revamp.

Engines also improve all the time. We can drop new engines into the website, keeping the design (livery) the same if you want to. We recently converted a dated Joomla site. We kept the brand and much of the style, kept the 1100+ content entries and photos, but made the new site under WordPress and also made it responsive. A well deserved overhaul. See what the customer had to say about this

Going forward you need to remember things are moving on ever more quickly. The equivalent of flying cars may be just around the corner. Consider an ongoing website support plan to keep your website topped up with new ideas and technology as it develops, otherwise there will always be someone driving around in the newer, shinier, model.

Published on: 9th May 2014
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