Example re-captcha

Captcha forms are ugly. Do you even need them?

Captchas have the side effect of detecting if a human can be bothered to fill them out. Should you bother, what are your options?

WordPress Logo

Custom Posts in Taxonomy Archives

By default the archive loop for custom taxonomies in WordPress only queries pages and posts. Hooks and sample code to get your custom posts listed in taxonomy listings.

Hexham Loyalty Card Offers

Have you got yours? Customers with a Hexham Loyalty Card can benefit from offers on our services.

Content Editing for WordPress

A few pointers to follow when editing your site. In order to maintain our excellent work. NEVER EVER paste text from MS Word!

mailchimp website

Testing MailChimp RSS to Email

MailChimp is ideal for marketing peeps, and as coders we are very impressed with how easy they have made the system.