Search Engine Optimisation or “SEO” is the practice of enhancing a website so it appears prominently in search listings. Onsite SEO ensures that the content and code within a site is geared around the key-words which you expect your visitors to be searching for. Inbound links to a website can also significantly enhance the search engine ranking of a site.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Google are now down ranking non mobile-friendly websites. This week (21st April 2015) Google have changed the way it orders… read more

a white hat

SEO, Content and Social

We can offer advice on these aspects of website marketing. Either directly or through one of the partners we work with.


I’ve spent a little time looking at html5 recently. It has some excellent features. Everyone seems to start with the… read more

a white hat

We’ve always been ‘White Hat’

Google has rolled out an update to its search algorithms which detects and seriously downgrades the rankings of link and… read more

Blogger Customisation

Google’s Blogger platform is a great starting point to get into blogging It’s easy to see with the following list of positives that it is a popular choice.

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