Having at least some form of online presence is important for any business. A simple brochure website is a reasonable start. Maybe tweeting is your thing? Ask us about the options.

Facebook Dislike

Many of you may have heard the furore over the unauthorised psychological experiments which Facebook has carried out on its users. It’s a shame because there are some good communities on there and there are so many people that use it. But I think the time has come for communities to manage there own mini-networks.

twitter for business flyer

Twitter For Business – 15 October 2013

A fun and informative event about how to make the best use of twitter for your business at Hexham Golf Club on Tuesday 15 October.

google plus logo

10 must see features in Google+?

First an admission; I liked Google Wave – it had a loads of potential. The problem was – it was like Google wanted to do something that wouldn’t tread on Facebook’s toes.

Blogger Customisation

Google’s Blogger platform is a great starting point to get into blogging It’s easy to see with the following list of positives that it is a popular choice.