People say it is important to have a blog in order to gain a good search-ranking. This isn’t necessarily true; what is important is updating your website frequently… having a blog is simply a good way of doing that.

Blogger Customisation

Google’s Blogger platform is a great starting point to get into blogging It’s easy to see with the following list of positives that it is a popular choice.

Cookes Building in Hexham

New Office in Central Hexham

My workload has been steadily increasing over the last few months and I have had to take action to alleviate this. Digital Acorn has a new office.

rmt website

SEO Seminar at RMT by Silverbean

I attended the SEO seminar by Silverbean this afternoon… It was at the RMT (the accountants) offices. It was pretty good, and did go into some… read more

Magento and WordPress

The export/import process was pretty easy and fixing up the categories/tags switch up just required a simple plugin. It’s probably better for SEO that the blog and store site sit in separate url silo’s.

WordPress Logo

WordPress loopy

I’ve gone completely WordPress (3.0) loopy. I am currently also working on embedding a WordPress blog into a Magento e-commerce… read more

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